Intro 1 Month of Unlimited Classes for $40

If this is your first time visiting the studio you can come in and try unlimited classes for only $40.  This includes your mat and towel service for the entire month.  Come try our various class styles and see if our studio is a great fit for you.  We have classes in a regular room to a hot room.  There is litereally something for everyone!

Unlimited Membership or Class Card?

Class Cards are a great option if you are coming to the studio once or twice per week.  Unlimited Memberships are the most economical if you are coming to the studio three times per week or more.

Class Card

6 Month Pass allows you 10 Visits*$150.00 ($15.00 per class with a 6 month expiry)

Drop-in, $20.00 per class (includes mat and towel) Student Drop-in, $17.00 per class

Drop-in to any of our non-heated 40 minute Lunch Classes from 12:10pm - 12:50pm Tuesday and Thursday for only $10!

Unlimited Packages

1 month unlimited* $160.00
($13.33 per class @ 3 times per week, $10 per class @ 4 times per week)

1 year unlimited* $1,199.00
($7.69 per class @ 3 times per week, $5.76 per class @ 4 times per week)


Auto-Renew $99/month
($7.80 per class @ 3 times per week, $5.85 per class @ 4 times per week)

The Auto-Renew membership is by far one of the best deals but it does require a minimum 4 month contract and a VISA or Mastercard is required for payment.  Upon first payment there is an initial sign-up fee of $39.00.  After being on this package for 1 year membership drops to $89/month and will again drop in your 2nd year to $79/month.  For cancellation after the 4 months has ended we do require a 30 days notice.

*These packages are subject to a 15% discount to all students with a valid student ID present at the time of purchase.

The studio also offers mat and towel rentals for $2 each as well as you can purchase 1L water jars for $4.


Bridge Club

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for a while this club is for YOU!  With a monthly workshop this Club allows you to participate in the workshops either for FREE or for a very discounted rate. Our 2017 Workshops are listed on the Events page. There are also some other amazing perks added when you join the Bridge Club!!

Club Perks:

  • 10% off all retail items (this exclude any drinks, jars or rental mats)
  • Come to our monthly Workshops either for Free or a discounted rate
  • Free towel service all of the time!

Cost to be in the Bridge Club is $100 + G.S.T./ year, however if you practice 100 times over the course of your year your next year's fee is waived! That's right you would then get all the perks for FREE just because you had a consistent practice over the year and committed to your health!


Perkville Rewards Program!

A fun way for you to earn points and keep your workouts on track…all in one package!

How do I earn points?

You can easily earn points by checking into the studio, referring friends who join, posting on Facebook, tweeting and much more!

Plus you get bonus points for completing specific activities, entering into a 30 Day Challenge and 50 points just for joining!

What can I get with my points?

You can redeem points at any time for items such as:

Mat and Towel Rental
Coconut Water
Free Class
15% Off Retail
25% Off Retail
Free Private Session

It’s quick, easy and free, plus you get 50 bonus points just for registering!