Welcome to Hot Yoga Lethbridge!

Not sure what to expect? Here are a few helpful pointers to assure you have the best experience with us.

  1. There is no need to pre-register.  Every class is a drop in which means you can come to any class you want, at any time, on any day!
  2. Please arrive at least 20 minutes before class.
  3. Try to avoid eating anything at least two hours before class.  If you have not been able to eat much of the day and are hungry within that time then allow yourself to have something light, like some fruit.
  4. Drink plenty of water before coming to class.  Once you are in the class it is best to already be as hydrated as possible that way you will crave your water less which will make you feel lighter and stronger.
  5. All you need in class is your mat, towel, and water.  Please no shoes, phones, or watches in the hot room, this will allow you to focus on you and leave all the distractions for yourself and others outside.
  6. Be prepared to sweat.  Wearing something that fits well on your body is essential to your yoga practice as loose or bagging clothing can get very heavy and get in the way of your movements.
  7. Every class is a beginners class so your are welcome to attend any one you choose.
  8. We recommend on your first time trying the one month unlimited membership for $40 which includes your mat and towel rental.  This will allow you to come as often as you can for those 30 days so that you can decide how often you would like to have Hot Yoga Lethbridge in your life.
  9. The studio also offers a mat and towel rental service for $2 each.
  10. Please leave your valuables at home or in your car.
  11. Take it easy on your first class!  Sit or lie down if you need to and enjoy sweating and experiencing something new and different for your body.  We never hear “Boy, did I ever regret taking that yoga class!”
  12. If you are feeling nervous about attending your first class please give us a call and we would be more than happy to set up a time with you to come and tour the studio and get all the information you need to feel safe and comfortable for your first time.